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When forehead bears weight

Time fails to unburden,

It is the heart that needs sedating.


Eyes, witnesses of history, know more

The struggle to forget. Why look?

Days are luckier. They die.

Resurrect amnesiac; live on in serenity or wonder

Where wreckage spilled from.

It is easier to sew yourself up if you forget

How you tore. But you must know, or die

Chasing after fading suns at Atlantic’s core


Grieve lasts too long it replaces

Reality once lived

Life is never good enough,

There is no good time to host death

Life bears, if one for everyone, fruit, edible



I arched my brows, asked
The ugly why they answers their name
I struck an arrow in logic’s implanted eyes,
Found threshold of choices

Faces bear same burden of plateaus,
Gorges, plains
We select a handful,
Rechristen them pageants,
Make them moons, banish
Leftovers into dungeons
To think about why they are what they are
As though they could choose to be moons



A thought, possibility.

A reverie unravels

When limbs barge out of a lump

As the mystery of reality

Takes form in a sanctuary.


An experimental inference,

Bearer of secrets that make

See-through glasses

Sings the best of songs:



Paul Adrian

Let’s imagine for a second that the robin

is not a contained entity moving at speed

through space, but that it is a living change,

unmaking and remaking itself over and over

by sheer unconscious will, and that

if we were to slow down the film enough

we would see a flying ball of chaos,

flicking particles like Othello counters,

air turning to beak in front just as tail transforms to air behind,

a living being flinging its changes at a still universe.

This would require infinite alignments. Each molecule

privy to the code of its possible settings,

the capacity of a blade of grass to become

the shadow of a falling apple by pure force

of the tree’s instinct. Every speck of world with the potential

to become stone, dog’s breath, light twisted through glass,

filth under fingernails, the skin’s bend at the bullet’s

nudge the moment before impact,

the thought of a robin in flight,

the thought of the thought of a robin in flight.