my struggle with silence

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When forehead bears weight

Time fails to unburden,

It is the heart that needs sedating.


Eyes, witnesses of history, know more

The struggle to forget. Why look?

Days are luckier. They die.

Resurrect amnesiac; live on in serenity or wonder

Where wreckage spilled from.

It is easier to sew yourself up if you forget

How you tore. But you must know, or die

Chasing after fading suns at Atlantic’s core


Grieve lasts too long it replaces

Reality once lived

Life is never good enough,

There is no good time to host death

Life bears, if one for everyone, fruit, edible



Pull me off this deserted street I gallop
It ends where it breaks, leading
Down to where my coming will not
Upset weary dust.
I should have known, least probed
Smoke overing above
Clouding spaces my forehead would smash,
Prepping me for falling beyond
Rope, ladder, hope.
Night tells days that not only sight makes us.
Days die, relapse,
Bask in re-resurrection.
Souls look to days for hope
Which declines to share its secret,
Stumbling,  dismantling beyond recoupling.
I see death axing my ceiling:
It leaves too many leaks
For resistance to seal