my struggle with silence

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Poesy plus Polemics

take pause of due rest
at this far advanced
milepost shaded by
century sycamores
unravel the bindle
lay out those dear
meager possessions
life garnered in
less careworn years
what to make of
desultory heirloom
collections of stanzas
disjointed forgotten
insensibly purposed
how useless the words
scribbled too long ago
yellowed wrinkled
their prettiness
spoiled by hardship
of half-hearted effort
who would possibly
want them recite
them perhaps best
to leave them behind
here among these old
shadows that whisper
the end awaits nigh
let the elements
hasten their molder
and lighten the load
for what journey
remains the last leg
the short road that
leads close ahead into
mists sighing blissful
with quiet obscurity

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