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POEM: The Death of Green

**head bowed in melancholy**

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Broken down into bastard bits

and blown by the breeze

As Autumn seized us

and severed the bond…Our bond.

First, Your barks cracked

then my energy was sapped

and then all that was green,

and all that was glossy,

all that seemed to grow,

all that seemed to glow,

Dispersed, Dried and died.

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I arched my brows, asked
The ugly why they answers their name
I struck an arrow in logic’s implanted eyes,
Found threshold of choices

Faces bear same burden of plateaus,
Gorges, plains
We select a handful,
Rechristen them pageants,
Make them moons, banish
Leftovers into dungeons
To think about why they are what they are
As though they could choose to be moons