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Our City of Ember

A shot was fired at the sun

It could not burn enough to crack the night

For a new day to be born

The moon is denied food

And the orb in which we are stuck

Is stuck like bottled fluid with a cork

Shadows and their masters become inextricable

So is noonday and midnight

Life exists for existence sake

Banished from pleasure and appetite

The blind and those with sight become equals

A road cannot be told from a ditch

Nor can a man from a tree

Inhabitants of the penumbra share with reluctance

The atom-sized mass of light in them

We found comfort in hardship, contentment in distress

As we wait for the one who would take the lead

The first embryo to pierce its way out of its shell

And tell us about vast existence from which we have been blinded

By our adaptation to a City of Ember